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Dynamic Lockdown


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As a result of the escalating threat of firearms, weapons and terrorist attacks on schools, a Dynamic Lockdown Procedure provides an effective strategy to rapidly restrict access to the premises.

What is a School Dynamic Lockdown Procedure?

In response to the increasing risks of firearms, weapons and terrorist attacks on schools, educational campuses and risk-sensitive buildings, the need for robust and effective procedures to protect children, staff or customers and to minimise risk is, sadly, now an essential consideration here in the UK.

A Dynamic Lockdown Procedure providers an effective plan to quickly restrict access to and movement throughout a building (or area within a building) through actions and physical measures in response to an imminent threat.

Why should you develop a Dynamic Lockdown Procedure?

Lockdown Procedures are becoming increasingly more critical due to the growing threat of firearms, weapon and terrorist attacks - particularly on schools, colleges, universities and public access buildings.

As those seeking to undertake an attack will often require a level of advanced planning, all opportunities to detect and deter such threats should be considered - such as day-to-day staff awareness, effective CCTV/surveillance use, deterrent communications and active security zones.

However, 100% prevention of attack cannot be fully guaranteed and, therefore, the ability to frustrate and delay attackers during the course of an attack and to place students and staff in a safe and secure place to reduce potential causalities can be hugely affected by a robust and effective Dynamic Lockdown Procedure.

What to consider in planning a Lockdown Procedure:

  • How to achieve effective full or partial lockdown of the environment/building
  • How to communicate with students, staff, colleagues as to what is happening in the initial stages and during any attack
  • Training staff on the procedure
  • STAY SAFE principles (‘Run - Hide - Tell’)

Communication with staff and students during Lockdown Procedure is key:

Ensuring fast, clear communication when engaging and during a Lockdown Procedure is essential in order to ensure effective actions and to help build confidence during such an intense situation.

A variety of communication methods are recommended (some of which may already be available resources in the school/building) and can be supplied as part of a scalable School Lockdown System to meet your specific needs.


  • Public Address System (PA system) - using a microphone
  • Pre-defined dedicated alarm tone or pre-recorded message
  • Intercom and Access Control systems with audio capabilities
  • Existing internal messaging systems such as text messages, email, staff phones
  • Digital signage systems
  • ‘Pop-up’ messages on staff computers
  • Word of mouth

Train your staff on your school's Lockdown Procedure:

The fast moving nature of an attack means that it is imperative that staff are able to react quickly and effectively. Training staff on your building's individual Lockdown Procedure is key.

  • Train all staff using the 'Stay Safe' principles
  • Ensure all staff and students are aware of what is expected of them and what their roles and responsibilities are in the event of a Lockdown Procedure
  • Check all staff understand the process and procedure
  • Regularly test and exercise plans with staff
  • Regularly review and refresh training

School Lockdown  Procedures


'Stay Safe' principles - 'Run - Hide - Tell'

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has published simple guidelines and a video on the principles of ‘RUN - HIDE - TELL’ to provide guidance should a weapons or terrorist attack occur...

  1. RUN ...to a place of safety. This is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate. If there’s nowhere to go, then...
  2. HIDE It’s better to hide than to confront. Remember to turn your phone to silent and turn off vibrate. Barricade yourself in if you can. Then finally - and only when it is safe to do so...
  3. TELL ...the police by dialing 999

How to develop a Dynamic Lockdown Procedure

  • Identify clear communication options to all staff
  • Identify how to quickly secure all access points (using locks, access control door systems, bars or furniture, for example)
  • Identify how your site can be split into zones to allow specific areas to be locked down (as opposed to just the entire site)
  • Ensure clear roles and responsibilities for all staff form part of your Procedure
  • Effective staff training on your procedure should regularly be delivered to all staff
  • Stopping people entering or leaving the site and directing people away from the danger
  • Procedures should be flexible enough to deal with the unknown and fast-changing situations
  • As part of the planning of your individual Lockdown Procedure, you should identify all access and egress points in the public and private areas of your building or campus. Remember that access points may be more than just doors and gates (such as windows, roof lights, etc)


What is a School Lockdown System?

Understanding the distinction between a Lockdown Procedure and a Lockdown System - and how the two should be combined - is key to providing the most effective and cohesive overall solution. Whereas a Lockdown Procedure focusses on establishing a defined series of actions, a Lockdown System can employ a wide variety of resources and technologies to greatly improve the communication and access control measures.

The fundamental components of a Lockdown System can be categorised into two main groups - Communication & Access Control...

What technologies can be applied to a School Lockdown System?

Public Address/Audio Systems - including 100v line, EN54 & IP audio

Bell Timing Systems

Personal Messaging Systems such as text, email or pop-up notification

Visual Warning Systems such as digital signage, dot matrix displays or beacons

Automatic Activation Systems such as electric doors, access control or mag. lock systems

Door Monitoring Systems

Video Door Entry Systems

Wireless Distress Systems such as personal distress call device

CCTV and Surveillance Systems

School Lockdown  Systems

Designing the right Lockdown System for your school/your procedure...

We are one of the UK’s leading experts in audio, security and access control and has a huge wealth of experience in designing and supplying professional systems for schools, colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Our Standpoint wth regards to providing effective School Lockdown Systems is that 'one size does not fit all' and, therefore, we consider every project to be unique.

Your Lockdown requirements are unique

Our team of expert system designers work in partnership with professional security and AV installers to design and deliver a high quality Lockdown System based on the needs of your school, your individual Lockdown Procedure, as well as any additional increased risk factors.

Each Lockdown System we supply is based on a detailed site survey of your school/campus, during which we will consider any existing communication / security systems and resources already in place which could be utilised as part of the system.

Our solutions are entirely scalable, based on size of school, individual Lockdown Procedure, risk factors and budget and will draw from the full range of technologies available to achive the most effective and cohesive solution to meet your needs.



Fully scalable, project-specific School Lockdown Systems

We provide a huge range of fully scalable, project-specific School Lockdown Systems, designed around the size and layout of your school, any existing infrastructure, risk levels and budget and - most importantly, designed fully support the criteria of your written School Lockdown Procedure.

From a basic public address system to provide school-wide communication, to integration with bell timing systems, to a fully integrated communication, access control and surveillance system, we have the expertise, skills and product range to meet your individual Lockdown System requirements.

The following systems are simply examples of the scale and options available to provide improved communication and access control as part of your Dynamic Lockdown Procedure...

Scalable School Lockdown Systems

Fully integrated Dynamic School Lockdown System

The below example combines communication and access control devices over a standard network infrastructure, to provide a fully-integrated Dynamic School Lockdown System.

Featuring a combination of 100v line & network audio, door entry & intercom, standard IP telephone systems and CCTV, this example of an integrated Lockdown System not only offers multiple-layer Lockdown functionality, but can also be used for additional operations including class-change, door entry/access control, messaging and much more.

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