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Security Lighting

Security Lighting can be very useful as a deterrent, to would be intruders, and can be either switched on manually or automatically operated.

Lighting does have its limitations - burglaries often take place during daylight hours; if the light is activated, someone has to notice it - and take action.

Security Lighting should be seen as an aid, but on its own may not be sufficient to deter all intruders.

The most common form of security lighting depends upon passive Infra Red Detectors, which are activated when something  / someone comes into their line of vision.

The light can be set to stay on for a set time and will then re-set if the cause of its activation is no longer present.

A passive infra-red unit can activate single or multiple lights.

Lights can be useful on the approach to a front or rear door, or a  garage, not only lighting up if someone approaches your house, but also when you approach, so that you can see if anyone is lurking in the shadows.

It must be remembered though that lights can be activated by certain animals.

Also, you do not want the light to be activated every time your neighbours go into their garden or when someone walks past the front of your property. However, the field of activation can be adjusted.

You must also make sure that your light does not intrude into your neighbour’s windows or those of passing vehicles - light pollution can often be at the centre of many disputes, and contravene light pollution laws

An alternative is to fit low pressure sodium lights which are operated by a photo-electric cell. This turns the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. It is a much less obtrusive light and, although it is on all night, it can be far cheaper to run than floodlights.

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